Magensinus, Empresa Promotora de Serviços de Ensino, S.A – Portugal

Magensinus is a private Institution, located in the Lisbon Region, Portugal, with about 550 students, (young and adult), and 18 employees and 65 teachers.
Magensinus is the owner of the Vocational School Magestil.

Created in 1989, and supervised by the Ministry of Education, Magestil School prepares and qualifies young and adult people, on an integrated general, scientific and technological background towards a professional practice, while providing them with a 12th grade certificate and an intermediate technical E.U. Level IV diploma.

Since 2002, Magestil has developed courses for the education and training of adults. These courses provide both school and professional certificates and are aimed at an age-group of 18 years and more, without adequate qualification for the job market. We have training experience with unemployment, prisoners and disadvantaged people, inside and outside the school.

Since 1996, our institution works with young pupils from Cape Verde, students from different courses in Escola Profissional Magestil, in Lisboa, giving them, at the end of their courses, a Level II diploma and 12 º year degrees, valid in the European space.