Universidade de Brasilia - Brasil

The University of Brasilia was inaugurated on 1962. There are currently more than 1,900 teachers and around 2,525 servers. The UNB offers 103 undergraduate, 64 masters, 45 PhD and 73 specializations. The agencies further assist students in developing teaching jobs, research and extension. 

The Language Institute (IL) offers three courses, with 15 possible qualifications: a BA degree in Portuguese, English and French; a degree in Brazilian Portuguese as a Second Language, and a BA in Applied Foreign Languages. Students can enroll for a BA degree in translation in French or English.  During evening classes, the IL provides a degree in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese, and Spanish, BA in Translation.

For the IL language, linguistic competence does not just mean speaking and learning the grammar of the target language, but to understand its significance and meaning in today’s world. Brazilian-Portuguese language has become a real important communication resource for commercial and financial affairs around the entire business world. To teach on how to benefit from language and to gain the best possible results from it is also one of the main purposes of the Language Institute. This is also our institution's belief.